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The Baron Mignon is Filet Mignon's father. He's the wise and benevolent ruler of the lands of Baloni and Moolabahara. The Baron is about as civilized as one can get- so obviously he and Ribeye should hit it off pretty well... or not!

He's a doting father. His only child, Filet Mignon is his pride and joy. Unfortunately, he tends to stifle her adventurous ambitions a bit, and he insists that she be guarded by the likes of Khama, in whom the Baron places his trust.

The Baron is a by-the-book sort of bull, he believes that rules and regulations he lays down are meant to be followed to the letter... regardless of what any Bullbarian who doesn't believe in civilized rules thinks. And as for eight-year-old Bullbarians- the Baron believes the city streets are no place for any youngster to be hanging out. In Moolabahara, there's only one place that children belong... in school! The idea appeals greatly to Cubesteak, but the very idea of a Bullbarian kid attending a civvie school sends Ribeye into a complete panic!

Ribeye Cubesteak Filet Mignon Suvlaki Khama Pigleg
Ribeye Cubesteak Filet Mignon Suvlaki Khama Pigleg
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