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Books Page--> Ribeye the Bullbarian and the Jewel of Baloni--> Characters: Cubesteak

Cubesteak is Ribeye's eight-year-old kid brother. Ribeye often calls him a "Wee-barian" due to his small size. Cubesteak prides himself on being a modern 'Iron Age' kid, not a traditional Bullbarian like his brother. Quite frankly, he can't understand why Ribeye doesn't like the civilized world. According to Cubesteak, there's a lot of cool stuff about civilization! Cube is bright and inquisitive, and his mind is like a library full of knowledge that he's managed to soak up from every scroll he's ever read...which is quite a few!

He has to admit though, learning the ropes of being a Bullbarian from his brother does have many fun moments. Learning how to swordfight, or how to break stuff, climb over high walls, and knock down doorways etc... It's all a lot of fun!

Cubesteak never met his father Flanksteak, and he's very curious about finding him. He feels that the quest the brothers are on is a good idea. Besides, it's a good chance to get out and explore the world, which is a lot more fun than hanging around the pastures of Bullbaria.

The young Bullbarian is quite interested in a civvie invention he heard about called 'school'. He knows his brother would never stand for him attending one, but Cubesteak thinks the whole idea of learning about science and history would be seriously cool! Perhaps at some point in the journey, he'll actually get his wish and find out what the mysterious school is all about!

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