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Khama is Filet Mignon's bodyguard. He's a big, tough, mean rhino with an axe to grind. He's not very happy at having been chosen to guard the Baron's daughter... he considers it nursemaid duty and just an unpleasant step toward a fat promotion in the Baron's military.

Khama puts on airs for both the Baron and Filet Mignon. In order to promote his career, he needs to pretend to be a 'noblebeast, a perfect gentleman. With his employers, he's the most polite fellow you'd ever meet, all manners and charm. Of course it's just an act. Underneath it all, Khama is a complete thug!

There's plenty of mischief that he would rather get into, rather than hanging around guarding some spoiled rich girl. Some of his favorite activities include tavern fights, rowdy brawls, head-conking and bullying hapless villagers. Khama is what you might call an equal opportunity brute- anyone crossing his path is fair game for a good beating as far as he's concerned. Picking on a certain Bullbarian is something of a new pet hobby of his- the trouble is, this Bullbarian doesn't seem to know when he's met his match!

Ribeye Cubesteak Filet Mignon Suvlaki The Baron Pigleg
Ribeye Cubesteak Filet Mignon Suvlaki The Baron Pigleg
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