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Pigleg is a rowdy cutthroat pirate! He's a somewhat smelly unwashed warthog. Ask him and he'll tell you his chief occupation is "...playin' dirty tricks!" The only thing he likes better than terrorizing the high seas aboard his pirate ship, is playing practical jokes on unwary land lubbers.

Pigleg likes to party- pirate style! That means lots of rum, lots of fightin' and of course a healthy helping of pirate pranks. Pigleg couldn't tell you for sure what happened to the lower half of his right leg. He lost it years ago during some drunken pirate escapade or another, and had it replaced with a wooden peg-leg.

The warthog is the captain among a horde of pirates who occupy a mysterious secret island somewhere deep in the uncharted southern seas. He's known as Cap'n Pigleg to his cutthroat brothers. Normally, a scoundrel like Pigleg wouldn't cause a Bullbarian like Ribeye much concern. However, when Bullbarian and pirate paths cross, it's anyone's guess what can happen!

Ribeye Cubesteak Filet Mignon Suvlaki Khama The Baron
Ribeye Cubesteak Filet Mignon Suvlaki Khama The Baron
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