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A Bullbarian's life would be complicated enough with a long lost father to search for, and plenty of annoying civvies to deal with. To top it all off, add in a genuine, all around bad guy by the name of Suvlaki! He's a mean spirited goat. He's short-tempered, ill mannered, maniacal and twisted... and those are his good traits! Suvlaki is what you would call a 'wanna-be' wizard. He claims to descend from a long line of evil wizards... his father was an evil wizard, as was his grandfather and his great grandfather before that.

He feels that the villagers in his hometown of Porkchopolis should cower in fear of him. After all, doesn't every evil wizard deserve to strike terror into the hearts of all that cross his path? Suvlaki has a problem however... no one takes him seriously! Folks certainly don't fear him! The goat lacks any sort of real evil powers- a huge problem for a wizard! When attempting to horrify his neighbors, Suvlaki must resort to parlor tricks and cheap gimmicks designed to fool superstitious peasants.

What if he got his hands on some real power? Then he could get the kind of recognition an evil wizard truly deserves! And real power- the sort everyone has nightmares about- is just what the fabled Jewel of Baloni can grant him. That is if he can get past a certain pair of Bullbarians!

Ribeye Cubesteak Filet Mignon Khama The Baron Pigleg
Ribeye Cubesteak Filet Mignon Khama The Baron Pigleg
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