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Hoping everyone stateside had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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40 Things That Only Happen in Movies

A friend sent this list to me. I think it’s pretty funny! 1. It is always possible to find a parking spot directly outside or opposite the building you are visiting. 2. When paying for a taxi, don’t look at … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! The term Halloween, and its older spelling Hallowe’en, is shortened from All-hallow-eve, as it is the evening before “All Hallows’ Day” (also known as “All Saints’ Day”). The holiday was a day of religious festivities in various northern … Continue reading

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Sorry I haven’t kept up here of late, I’ve just been off enjoying the summer. My wife and I just got back from a visit with my parents in Virginia, and very soon I plan to head out on a … Continue reading

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ComicCon Fans

The Story Boredom blog has some great sketches of San Diego Comic Con fan 'types'. Check it out!

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It’s Comic Con Time Again

The halls and offices of Fox Television Animation were pretty empty today, as many of the talented peeps around here have migrated south for the annual San Diego Comic Con. FTA has a pretty big presence at the show this … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July!

test.swf Wishing everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July!

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Kung Pow Chicken

Just something we've been messing with. Here's the splash page of a comic book Mike and I have been working on, starring a new hero for these troublesome times, Kung Pow Chicken. People have asked me, "..are you guys always … Continue reading

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Rock On!

Checkidy-check it out! Hot Mexican Love publisher Ira Sherak spent the past Memorial Day holiday weekend in Nashville, TN visiting with his family and friends. He informs us the HML comic is now available in Tennessee. While there, he sighted … Continue reading

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To everyone stateside, hope you had a great Memorial Day holiday! Hope everyone got a chance to relax, unwind, take a trip somewhere or just stay home, and most of all, to reflect on those who died in service to … Continue reading

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