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Mike Milo writes about Digital Storyboarding

These days, it seems the entire animation industry is going through a revolution of sorts. The idea of using computers to create all-digital storyboards has been around for a long time- every year since I first started in the industry … Continue reading

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We've really taken a lot of hits lately. Last month, so many people visited that we exceeded our alloted server space- hence the bandwidth overage message you may have seen if you tried to visit this site within the … Continue reading

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PHMA Short Film

Mike's been working on a video for the PHMA- (Protective Headgear Manufacturers' Association) a voluntary, not-for-profit organization of manufacturers of headgear for non-motorized sports. It's an 8 minute short film, all animated with Flash, and so far it looks really … Continue reading

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More on Flash

Man! Yeah I have to agree, Flash is pretty much all the things I've ever hoped for in a film producing package. One of the greatest things about Flash is that you can make a film in a day if … Continue reading

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Flash Forward

Macromedia Flash is the most amazing program! Back in our art school days, both Mike and I used to wish for something even half as useful as Flash. We both used to say: "What if there was some affordable system … Continue reading

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Write Time

Well, my wife is off on a tour of her native country Estonia for the next few weeks. She's part of an Estonian theatre troupe, and they are doing a tour of Estonia and Latvia. She has a big performance … Continue reading

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Blog This

I'm trying out a thing on the Google Toolbar that let's you Blog instantly just to see if it works. So here goes!

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Web Developments

When I'm not writing, or working on a cartoon with Mike, these days you're likely to find me plugging away on website development work. I really love doing web design and learning new things. For example, figuring out how to … Continue reading

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