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Our writing projects

Mike Milo writes about Digital Storyboarding

These days, it seems the entire animation industry is going through a revolution of sorts. The idea of using computers to create all-digital storyboards has been around for a long time- every year since I first started in the industry … Continue reading

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It’s HML Time Again

Yup, it's HML time once again. For those of you that have dropped by now and then in the past year or so, you'll know that stands for Hot Mexican Love, which isn't just three words strung together, but the … Continue reading

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Rock On!

Checkidy-check it out! Hot Mexican Love publisher Ira Sherak spent the past Memorial Day holiday weekend in Nashville, TN visiting with his family and friends. He informs us the HML comic is now available in Tennessee. While there, he sighted … Continue reading

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Bunny Brothers Comic

Check it out! Mike and I just did some pages for a comic book project entitled "Hot Mexican Love" which is a collection of comics with a 'Mexico' theme that an acquaintance of mine publishes every few years. We did … Continue reading

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Music Spotting and Cafe Writing

Mike worked with a composer to do the music 'spotting' for Jackalope Boyz today. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it, as I had to bring my wife's new car into the Mazda dealership to be checked out. It took … Continue reading

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Writing On The Sly

It's official: I do my best writing when I'm technically supposed to be doing something else. When I've got all the time in the world, no prior commitments, nothing else scheduled, and plenty of time to grab my laptop and … Continue reading

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Writing While Traveling

I should travel more often. My wife recently pointed out to me that I seem to get a lot of good writing ideas when we're on the road somewhere. I always take a small laptop or portable computer with me, … Continue reading

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Jackalopes and New Covers

On Friday I saw the latest animated scenes on our short cartoon for Warner Brothers Animation called 'The Jackalope Boyz'. The project is really coming along! A number of the scenes look particularly good- the character animation is handled very … Continue reading

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Re-Write! Re-Write! Re-Write!

Today I've been going through the latest draft of my current book line-by-line, and word-by-word. Lately I had been thinking, "This book is in pretty good shape!" but as I really tear the guts out of it, I find that … Continue reading

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Early Comics

I've definitely got the bug to start drawing comics again. Just today over lunch, Mike and I were discussing the possibility of doing a Ribeye the Bullbarian comic book. We're both psyched to attempt it! Ironically, we started laying out … Continue reading

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