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Stuff from glorious days gone by

Being an animator

When I was a young boy my mom wanted me to be an artist. I wasn't always so sure. My mom used to love to tell everyone about when I was 5 and someone asked me what I was going … Continue reading

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Ye Olden Days

Ahh yes, the good ol' days! Sometimes I simply can't believe how much times have changed- and the ways  my friends and I have changed too over the years. I look at the 'kids' in these old photos and can't believe … Continue reading

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Mike Milo is not only a great 2D illustrator and animator; he's also an accomplished 3D artist as well. Not just 3D in the computer sense, but character sculpting as well. Our character Charlie Hippo as a Bendanimal made by Mike … Continue reading

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Early Comics

I've definitely got the bug to start drawing comics again. Just today over lunch, Mike and I were discussing the possibility of doing a Ribeye the Bullbarian comic book. We're both psyched to attempt it! Ironically, we started laying out … Continue reading

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The Inspiration of Harold J.

I have known Harry for nearly 20 years now and we have collaborated on many different projects from comics to music to cartoons and now books. I met Harry in the Fall of 1986 at The Joe Kubert School and he … Continue reading

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From Bunny Brothers to Jackalopes

I love how ideas often take on a life of their own. Often, you lose track of them before finding them again years later, whereupon they take on another form. Mike and I had an idea called the Bunny Brothers … Continue reading

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From the Milo-Files

  It's cool coming across old artwork. Mike and I have been working on projects together since 1986, and we're always finding old stuff one of us did years ago. This image I find particularly cool: It's from a birthday … Continue reading

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