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Flavio! Coolness!

Well, Mike Milo's cartoon Flavio finally premiered on January 24th, 2009 on the Nicktoons channel. If you didn't get a chance to see it, check to see if you have the Nicktoons channel on your local cable or satellite provider, … Continue reading

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Mike Milo writes about Digital Storyboarding

These days, it seems the entire animation industry is going through a revolution of sorts. The idea of using computers to create all-digital storyboards has been around for a long time- every year since I first started in the industry … Continue reading

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Flavio Premiere

Last week I was up at my good friend and fellow Zaptooner, Mike Milo's house for the world premiere of Mike's cartoon, Flavio. The house was packed- I'm not sure how many family, friends and co-workers of Mike's showed up, … Continue reading

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Painting Tutorial

Hopefully you've seen our current site cover, a painting from Ribeye the Bullbarian and the Sands of Fate, created by Mike Milo using a tablet PC and software called ArtRage. Mike wrote a tutorial about how he created the image, … Continue reading

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PHMA Short Film

Mike's been working on a video for the PHMA- (Protective Headgear Manufacturers' Association) a voluntary, not-for-profit organization of manufacturers of headgear for non-motorized sports. It's an 8 minute short film, all animated with Flash, and so far it looks really … Continue reading

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Bunny Brothers Comic

Check it out! Mike and I just did some pages for a comic book project entitled "Hot Mexican Love" which is a collection of comics with a 'Mexico' theme that an acquaintance of mine publishes every few years. We did … Continue reading

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The History of the Bullbarians

The character featured in our first two books, Ribeye the Bullbarian, has a creation history that dates back quite a few years. Mike Milo drew the very first conceptual sketches of Ribeye in 1990. We had written a comic book … Continue reading

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Business As Usual

I haven't written much lately on here, been extremely busy. There's a lot going on lately. I'm pouring every available minute I can spare into writing my new book, and doing some editing chores on the last one which needs … Continue reading

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The Jackalope Boyz Preview is Online!

Yep! You heard right! You can now officially see The Jackalope Boyz preview and see for yourself what we've been wagging our tongues about all this time! You can find it here: let us know what you think! Remember, … Continue reading

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New Desktop pictures

Here are some new Zaptoons desktop pictures to spice up that same old boring computer desktop you've been using for ages. Admit it- you rarely change the desktop background pictures. Well fear not, click the links below and download the … Continue reading

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