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From Bunny Brothers to Jackalopes

I love how ideas often take on a life of their own. Often, you lose track of them before finding them again years later, whereupon they take on another form. Mike and I had an idea called the Bunny Brothers … Continue reading

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Vacay for me!

Well having had quite a hectic week I will finally settle down for some much needed vacation time. My family and I are flying down to Cabo San Lucas for 10 days which should be nice. I just read online … Continue reading

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Warner Bros vibe

One of the coolest things about working at a big studio like Warner Bros. is the celebrities that come through doing voice-over work and promos. Recently I have seen, Casey Kasem (Radio personality), Michael Clark Duncan (The Green Mile, Scorpion … Continue reading

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From the Milo-Files

  It's cool coming across old artwork. Mike and I have been working on projects together since 1986, and we're always finding old stuff one of us did years ago. This image I find particularly cool: It's from a birthday … Continue reading

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Write Time

Well, my wife is off on a tour of her native country Estonia for the next few weeks. She's part of an Estonian theatre troupe, and they are doing a tour of Estonia and Latvia. She has a big performance … Continue reading

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An Animation Legend

Today I was having lunch with Mike over at WB Animation in Sherman Oaks, and we were walking down Ventura Blvd. when out from the back of a limousine steps animation legend Joe Barbera and his assistants on their way … Continue reading

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Blog This

I'm trying out a thing on the Google Toolbar that let's you Blog instantly just to see if it works. So here goes!

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Jackalopes Animatic

Now that the recording for the Jackalopes film is done, our next step will be to make what is called an Animatic. In the 30's and 40's it was referred to as a Leica reel. By either name, it's basically … Continue reading

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Jackalope Boyz Recorded

The recording session for the Jackalope Boyz went fantastic. We arrived at Salami Studios in North Hollywood at 9am Tuessday morning, (June 22nd), joined by the WB Cartoon Monsoon development staff, as well as the record crew, and of course … Continue reading

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Web Developments

When I'm not writing, or working on a cartoon with Mike, these days you're likely to find me plugging away on website development work. I really love doing web design and learning new things. For example, figuring out how to … Continue reading

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