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Addicted to Freelance

It's true, I'm addicted to freelance. No I really am because no normal man would subject himself to the things I do just to get a little extra cash. I was up until 2 am this morning doing freelance sheet … Continue reading

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Jacks designs

During the process of designing the characters we went through many different instances of design. Initially The Jackalope Boyz started as The Iguana Boyz but the dev. execs wanted us to change that due to a conflict with another Monsoon … Continue reading

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Jackalopes recording

Another interesting thing to mention is our short The Jackalope Boyz which records at Salami Studios in North Hollywood tomorrow. We've got a nice lineup of characters for the case. Cartoon Monsoon is a very interesting site that's owned by … Continue reading

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“The Sands of Fate” Anatomy of a cover

Here it is! The cover of the second Ribeye the Bullbarian Adventure: _______________________________________________________________________ The cover began life as a rough layout that I drew. My original idea looked like this. At first we weren't quite settled on the villain. Here … Continue reading

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New Ribeye Characters

There are a whole slew of new characters that will be introduced in the new Ribeye book. Here are some of the new designs dreamed up by Mike Milo for characters appearing in the book: Bonefoot: Gator Shaman: Rapstallion: Doe … Continue reading

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