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Ribeye and Cubesteak 3D

Work continues on creating 3D versions of our characters. Talented 3D artist Trentity DeWitt out did himself in creating the 3D Ribeye and Cubesteak, based on detailed model sheets drawn by Mike Milo.   Incidentally, 3D characters are usually constructed … Continue reading

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Being an animator

When I was a young boy my mom wanted me to be an artist. I wasn't always so sure. My mom used to love to tell everyone about when I was 5 and someone asked me what I was going … Continue reading

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Ribeye Fan Art

Ribeye the Bullbarian Drawn by Melissa Milo, Age 7   More Ribeye Fan Drawings HERE.

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Jackalopes and New Covers

On Friday I saw the latest animated scenes on our short cartoon for Warner Brothers Animation called 'The Jackalope Boyz'. The project is really coming along! A number of the scenes look particularly good- the character animation is handled very … Continue reading

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Re-Write! Re-Write! Re-Write!

Today I've been going through the latest draft of my current book line-by-line, and word-by-word. Lately I had been thinking, "This book is in pretty good shape!" but as I really tear the guts out of it, I find that … Continue reading

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Ye Olden Days

Ahh yes, the good ol' days! Sometimes I simply can't believe how much times have changed- and the ways  my friends and I have changed too over the years. I look at the 'kids' in these old photos and can't believe … Continue reading

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More About Bendanimals

As Harry said, I’ve been making these dolls since the early 70’s and it’s always been a source of great enjoyment for me. My mom got me started doing them and it was she who coined the phrase “Bendanimals”. I … Continue reading

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Mike Milo is not only a great 2D illustrator and animator; he's also an accomplished 3D artist as well. Not just 3D in the computer sense, but character sculpting as well. Our character Charlie Hippo as a Bendanimal made by Mike … Continue reading

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Early Comics

I've definitely got the bug to start drawing comics again. Just today over lunch, Mike and I were discussing the possibility of doing a Ribeye the Bullbarian comic book. We're both psyched to attempt it! Ironically, we started laying out … Continue reading

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Work Proof

I've been interested in book-binding since I was a small kid. I experimented constantly with making my own hardbound and paperback books. Hand-printed proof copies of my book "Ribeye the Bullbarian and the Jewel of Baloni" As a writer, I've … Continue reading

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