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More on Flash

Man! Yeah I have to agree, Flash is pretty much all the things I've ever hoped for in a film producing package. One of the greatest things about Flash is that you can make a film in a day if … Continue reading

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Flash Forward

Macromedia Flash is the most amazing program! Back in our art school days, both Mike and I used to wish for something even half as useful as Flash. We both used to say: "What if there was some affordable system … Continue reading

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More Ribeye Fan Art!

Why not cruise over to the Ribeye Fan Art page and check out some of the new additions to the growing collection! While you're there why not submit some of your own artwork? Don't be shy! Suvlaki the evil Wizard … Continue reading

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Writing While Traveling

I should travel more often. My wife recently pointed out to me that I seem to get a lot of good writing ideas when we're on the road somewhere. I always take a small laptop or portable computer with me, … Continue reading

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