Please help those affected by the earthquake/Tsunami

My prayers go out to the many thousands affected by the recent earthquake-tsunami disaster in Asia and Africa. This is a tragedy on an unprecedented scale that greatly affects all of us, no matter where we are in the world. At this time, many are in danger, due to the lingering hazards of flood and famine in the wake of this disaster.

On few occasions during our lives are there such times when we all need to really pull together, and help one another on a global scale. I for one am pleased that so many are doing just that.

Let me just add my own two-cents to the chorus of voices encouraging each and every one of us to do what we can to help our fellow man. A good way to start, is to donate to the various charities that are working hard to provide relief aid in such a time of need.

The International Red Cross is a good choice to send a donation, if perhaps you’re unsure where to start. Also, here is a brief list of organizations you can send donations to, who are working round the clock to provide disaster relief. Contact any of these organizations individually for details and information on where and how to donate. Many have set up direct links where you can send donations that will go directly to their ongoing disaster relief efforts.

The Red Cross


MAP International


World Vision

Christian Children’s Fund

World Emergency Relief

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