Life= happens while busy making other plans

Lately I’ve been busy as a beaver, as my sister-in-law with my niece and nephew are visiting us from Eastern Europe. They’ve been here for a month, and will stay until the start of December, and we’ve had a packed schedule. So far we’ve gone to Palm Springs and relaxed out there and done loads of things in and around Los Angeles. I took my four-year-old niece to see `The Sponge Bob Squarepants Movie’ she’s been singing the Sponge Bob theme song ever since! Today, we will go and see `The Incredibles’ together. Meanwhile, my little nephew had his eight-month birthday not long ago- he’s a feisty little guy!

Thanksgiving was great, and the first time my wife’s sister got to experience a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. We gathered at the home of Mike’s sister-in-law (who has hosted the annual Thanksgiving event for several years) and had a big spread.

Add to that a packed work schedule- I’m finally able to enjoy a few weekdays off for the Thanksgiving holiday, but the schedule for this first production season of the show “American Dad”, is going to get crazier as it gets closer to the holidays.

But all-in-all, I’m enjoying life and managing between time for family, friends and work a smidgen of time for creative projects. I haven’t really had time to stop and think much about the Jackalope Boyz not winning the Cartoon Monsoon contest- quite frankly, it doesn’t bother me. I’m happy that we got the chance to make it. Making our own cartoons professionally is the best that I’ve ever hoped for, and every time we manage to sell one to a big studio, I’m thankful. (Hey, there’s something else to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season!)

Ribeye in 3D
I played around with traditional 3D recently. One of my friends at work who is an expert at creating 3D images sparked the interest for me. So I fired up Photoshop and and created a 3D image of the cover for Ribeye and the Sands of Fate. You’ll need a pair of those blue and red 3D glasses to see the effect though.

If you have a pair of 3D glasses around your house, check it out. If you need a pair, you can order a free pair of 3D glasses here.

(Follow the instructions, send a SASE, and they will send you a free pair -be sure to select Anaglyph 3D Glasses and Red/Blue.)
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