Development R Us

Harry and I have been developing shows for almost 15 years now and while we’ve sold 7 projects, we’ve developed over 50 to date!

When I say developed, I mean, stories, characters, situations … everything.

Yeah we’re nuts and we know it but with all this stuff that will never see the light of day we might as well show you a bit of it.

The Cool Patrol- 1996

The Cool Patrol was a show originally pitched and developed at Hanna Barbera as part of it’s What a Cartoon shorts program helmed by Fred Siebert. It focused on two Super-cops Luke and Lester who cared more about keeping the world cool than keeping it safe. Once HB was bought as part of the Turner Empire, We took The Cool Patrol to Universal where they bought it after another company expressed interest in making it into Online comic books. This was way before Flash had even really permeated the web like it has now.

Well, that didn’t work out so well and the company that was making the comics went belly-up and so did Cool Patrol along with it. There was some talk about BET wanted to make bumpers from it but nothing ever materialized. Since that time Harry and I have tried to get it back from Universal but they will not let it go. Why? I have no idea.

Planetary Pig-1990

Another show we had high hopes for was Planetary Pig. This was the first real show idea Harry and I ever had. It predates Bloo’s Gang and even Ignoramooses. It centered on an idiot pig named Planetary or (P.P. for short) and a stowaway Cosmo stuck out in space collecting samples for the government. We went so far as to even make some short animation for it. We pitched it to Hanna Barbera and while they did not buy it, they encouraged us to keep trying and the next week we came back with Bloo’s Gang which they DID buy.

As for Ribeye the Bullbarian, it has surfaced for us in many forms… The picture above was one instance where we played around with the style. I dunno about you but I for one, am glad we stuck with what we had. Yecchh!
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