The Knights of Sherwood

Could this be the next thing Zaptoons will do?

So now that The Jackalope Boyz is over and we have stopped bombarding you with requests to vote… you might ask yourself, what are they going to do next?

Good question!

Harry and I are still actively pitching shows around town and we have even gotten a bite at Nickelodeon. Not sure if it will pan out but we should know by Christmas whether it will or not.

The other thing we’re waiting on is The Knights of Sherwood, a show that might actually have some legs if we’re lucky enough. Granted this is just my sole project but rest assured, if it goes, I will need my partner-in-crime Harold J. to help me with it for sure!

Anyway, click the link above to see some screen captures from the pilot Knights of Sherwood and see what might be next for us!

The last thing we’ve been finalizing is the 2nd Ribeye the Bullbarian book and a drawing book I created called “Down on the Farm”.

Look for details here soon!
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