We’re in FIRST place!

It’s in first place! The Jackalope Boyz is in first place! Cooooooooooooool!

At least for now! Yeah baby! So I guess our posting and annoying everyone I know pays off! Keep voting people! Keep voting!

The other day I emailed Jerry Beck at CartoonBrew and he was kind enough to put up a link to The Jackalope Boyz cartoon. I’ve checked the stats and my site has gotten a huge amount of hits from that one site. I can only imagine what kind of hits they get on a daily basis! Anyway, if you’re refferred from there say hi!

I love this blogging stuff. Eight years ago we made a few cartoons for Hanna Barbera and they had a contest as well but there was really no way to get the word out there and let people know we were in a contest. I guess I could have mailed a letter but I only had so many addresses and family was gonna vote anyway. Now with the Web I’ve posted to various weblogs and User forums and have gotten hits from that already! I only wish that I could know if they’re voting for it or hate it. Jacks is in first place today but who knows tomorrow. It seems to only be updated each day so I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow. Wish us luck and of course… VOTE!
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