A Flash program for Animators?

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Wow! So after all these years Macromedia is finallty going to make a new version of their much-acclaimed software specifically for animators/designers. Here’s a blurb from an email going around to developers:

Finally! After three seasons of Mucha Lucha, we are very relieved and excited to learn that a new version of Flash for Animators/Designers is in development! In a recent email received from Mike Downey of Macromedia Inc.:

… I’m happy to tell you that we’re in the early stages of defining the next version of Flash, code-named “8ball”, and will be focusing the release on animators, multimedia designers, and digital artists. We have a lot of features in mind, but one of the biggest areas that we are having difficulty defining is video export from Flash. We understand that there are limitations in our Quicktime exporter (which I understand is necessary for exporting to broadcast television). One of these limitations is the fact that we don’t support exporting nested movieclips. Several experienced developers in your industry have told us that they must export from Flash as SWF and then import into Director MX 2004 as SWF, then export from Director as Quicktime – just to get nested movieclips recognized on export. We obviously want to fix this for the next release.

So, I’d really like to get your feedback. I couldn’t help but notice your comment about each release of Flash moving away from your use of it – and I don’t disagree. The next product release is being managed by an entirely new team of long-time Flash and graphics experts (unlike the last release) and we are all super-determined to return Flash to it’s roots and make it much better for designers and animators. We may not be able to do everything within the next release, but we definitely have Flash back on track for the future. Luckily we created Macromedia Flex to target traditional application developers so we no longer need to stretch the Flash authoring tool into a completely different direction than what it was built for.

In any case, I look forward to your feedback….

Cool, huh?

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