Business As Usual

I haven't written much lately on here, been extremely busy. There's a lot going on lately. I'm pouring every available minute I can spare into writing my new book, and doing some editing chores on the last one which needs to go to press A.S.A.P. The preview of the Jackalope Boyz is up at Warner Brother's site, in the Cartoon Monsoon section.

I haven't seen the finished version of the Jacks cartoon yet, with all the added music and sound effects, but hopefully we'll see it sometime this week.

I've been busy as a bee at my job lately at Fox Television Animation; we're gearing up to work on a new prime time show that will premiere after the Super Bowl around the last week in January.

Mike is in busy development over at Warner Brothers, and dealing with the frustrations of trying to deal with conflicting executive control issues and all the usual politics that go with the business. The good news in all of it is: there's some truly amazing stuff on the horizon! To see an example of one of Mike's earlier development efforts for Warner Brothers, check out Swaroop.

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