More Jackalope Boyz pics!

Here's a new sneak peek pic of The Jackalope Boyz!
Here the Jacks have just seen the scariest thing alive! A Blue-haired Nanny!
Here's another one…
In this shot the Jacks have just run into an old friend. Manuel hopes he doesn't backfire!
The film is finished and as Harry said I spotted music yesterday for it. We're going for a Latino mariachi sort of misuc for it to compliment the fact that they are Latin Jackalopes.

Here is also a brief synopsis of the film written by none other than Harold J. Mclaughlin, fay-muss author and internet personality!

So you're running a Museum of Unusual Artifacts, and you need tons of oddball, offbeat artifacts to display. Who are you gonna call on, to scour the world for those off the wall oddities? If you want the job done as no one else can, you'll call the Jackalope Boyz, that's who! Thought to be myths themselves, Jackalopes are half jackrabbit, half antelope! They're bred to be the world's premiere unusual artifact hunters. But don't be fooled by their cute 'n fuzzy charm. When unscrupulous artifact-snatching rivals get in their way, these Jacks kick butt!

Sounds fun huh?
Look for it Sept 13th on Cartoon Monsoon!
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