Music Spotting and Cafe Writing

Mike worked with a composer to do the music 'spotting' for Jackalope Boyz today. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it, as I had to bring my wife's new car into the Mazda dealership to be checked out.

It took them all day to look it over, and they still aren't finished, so I was stranded in Culver City all day. Of course I had planned to be- so I took my laptop along with me and spent the entire day as a guest of Starbucks, writing several chapters of my new book. It turned into quite the productive day after all!

I really enjoy the chance to set up my 'office for the day' in coffee houses and cafes, especially those that allow one to plug into the power, offer wireless internet service, and don't really mind if you hang out all day. I buy a coffee, bottled water, or some such now and then so I don't have to feel like a freeloading deadbeat. I generally don't like to write in places that get too crowded anyway, so I can set up shop in the table of my choice, and write in a setting other than home. (Which I always find inspiring). Luckily, there's a Starbucks near my house that I frequent on the weekends that rarely gets too crowded, and is therefore a perfect writing location.

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