It’s HML Time Again

Yup, it's HML time once again. For those of you that have dropped by now and then in the past year or so, you'll know that stands for Hot Mexican Love, which isn't just three words strung together, but the title of a fantastic collection of comic book work put together by some of the finest talent working in the Los Angeles TV animation industry.

The last issue went over so well at the San Diego Comic Con (and in a limited run at various comic book stores across the nation) that the publishers have decided to serve up another annual helping. Hopefully, it'll be an annual thing from now on, rather than "every decade, or so" as was the case previously.

Here's a sneaky-peak at my own submission, a story titled, "Planet Mexico". It outlines a future where the twin of the dinosaur-destroying Chicxulub asteroid (or perhaps, comet) arrives for strike two on Mexico, and this time knocks the entire country into its own planetary orbit. As the centuries passed, most of earth's citizens have long forgotten that the oddly shaped planet was ever a part of earth. That is, save for one lone soul who vows to be the first to find what, if any life exists on Mexico.

There's no word yet on the official release date for the next issue of HML, but we know it won't be available in time for the APE Con (The Alternative Press Expo) this year, April 21-22nd in San Francisco.

However, the publishers will have a special sketch book featuring the work of HML contributors ready in time for the APE Con, and the new issue of HML will be hot off the presses in time for the biggie- the annual San Diego Comic Con, July 26th-29th, 2007.

This post just wouldn't be HML-worthy, without ending with an exclamation in Spanish, so here goes:

¡Buonas díaz!

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