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Man! Yeah I have to agree, Flash is pretty much all the things I've ever hoped for in a film producing package. One of the greatest things about Flash is that you can make a film in a day if you want and although it might look like crap at the end, it's still a film and you've done it and it's a finished piece of art. I sometimes get lil' ideas that I don't want to spend weeks on but still want to make such as Cirrus and Just Desserts or Monk mischief.
Granted, they're certainly not Feature-quality animation but they were never intended to be either. Just a small idea I had that I wanted to do. Flash makes this possible unlike so many other programs out there. Flash allows you to literally in-between drawings which then lets you worry about just the major frames of film and let the program fill in the gaps for you. Granted, it's not going to do all the work for you but it definitely makes things much easier than the old days of animating every single frame of film like in our old films.
All that stuff had to be painstakingly drawn frame by frame and it took a long time and as you can see, it's not really that good anyway. The great thing about Flash is you can do all that kind of simple stuff and do it a lot quicker too! Say you have a small gag you'd like to see but don't have a big story with a beginning, middle and end. With Flash you can pretty much see your idea within a few hours of work. Flash is also great for learning how timing and kinetics work. With Flash you can instantly see if the action you're trying to accomplish is too slow or too fast and with a few clicks you can adjust that animation to work better.
If you want to see more of how Flash works you can read a few of my tutorials here. Also you can go to Macromedia and download a fully functional 30 day trial of Flash to see how cool this program is! If you ever even thought of animating and want to make lil' films that make only you laugh, Flash is for you!
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