Ye Olden Days

Ahh yes, the good ol' days! Sometimes I simply can't believe how much times have changed- and the ways  my friends and I have changed too over the years. I look at the 'kids' in these old photos and can't believe that was really us!

Mike Milo and Harry McLaughlin in San Francisco, 1990

Mike Milo at his drawing desk in Parsippany, New Jersey in early 1990 just before the big move out west. Mike was probably working on animation for 'Tiny Toon Adventures', or any of the various freelance gigs he had at the time. All around his animation desk are various Zaptoons comic books, model sheets, and artwork from the animated projects we were always working on.

Me at my first 'real' job working for video game company Sierra On-Line in Oakhurst California, 1990. I was just a skinny kid, age 21! I was one of the few (along with Mike) who was the proud owner of a new super-fast 386 PC computer, as compared to the average 286! And that's a Louie Hedgehog 'Bendanimal' made by Mike atop my monitor. I still have it! (Louie that is!) The inscription on his foot reads: (c) 1989 Zaptoons.
Right next to me you can see my animation desk- Mike and I were among the  first 'pencil and paper' animators at Sierra. Before the era of scanning and computer manipulating hand-drawn animation, the 'old school' artists animated the game characters pixel by pixel on dirt-slow DOS computers.

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