She’s Baaaak…!

Things are back to normal around my house, now that my wife is back from her trip to her native Estonia and Eastern Europe. Even though she had a great time, she's happy to be back as weeks of travel can be tiring, and indeed there's no place like home! Tonight we'll go through all the photos she took while there- over 2 gigabytes worth that I've got to transfer from her laptop, and I can hear more about all the details of her trip.

We both went to Finland and Estonia together the year before last, so I can personally relate to traveling in this region.

She brought back so much European stuff and many really nice gifts from our friends and family there. Plus she stuffed her luggage with lots of food we can't get in the states. She knows I have a total sweet-tooth, so she brought me plenty of exotic candy from Estonia, Latvia and Finland!

Tons of Eastern European goodies!

We both love to have publications from the countries we've been, so she bought a wide range of material: art books, music CDs children's books, an illustrated calendar, and even a handful of comic books from the Baltic States. Comics are a more respected form of art in Europe than they are in the states, so there's a broad range of them available. Ironically, it's not so much super-heroes and action comics that are popular there, but a lot of funny animal stuff such as Disney comics that were popular state-side in the 1950's.

Well, back to writing, but now I've got plenty of cool Euro-stuff to distract me!

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