Ribeye Illustrations

As Harry mentioned in an earlier post I have been feverishly drawing to get the Ribeye illustrations done for the next book and it's really a lot of fun. Even I enjoy watching a drawing come to life and seeing the characters form in front of me. They almost take on a life of their own. I never know what's going to come out of my pencil until I'm done and so I love to draw because it's always a surprise. That may sound weird but it's true.

The cover illustration of the Zaptoons site this week

I have now finished over 25 drawing and there's at least another twenty to go which kinda makes me sad that I'm almost done. Also I know you're thinking that twenty drawings is still a lot to go but for me, that's about two days of work, maybe three so you see, I really am almost done. Still, there's always the next one! Yeah I know it's sick but I can't help it. I'm having way too much fun for one person to have!
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