We've really taken a lot of hits lately. Last month, so many people visited that we exceeded our alloted server space- hence the bandwidth overage message you may have seen if you tried to visit this site within the last two weeks of February, 2007.

Since starting this website in 2003, I've watched the visitors to it climb steadily from a few per week, to several hundred to a thousand per day. Last month was off the charts; we had well over 1,000 unique visitors per day until the server limit was reached. We had visitors from over 100 nations. All I can say is, welcome to everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

Where I seem to run into trouble with my webserver is when so many people view the flash and animation files we host on this site. In the coming weeks I'm going to begin a content transfer to a larger server so we can handle the steady increase of traffic.

At any rate, I just wanted to say sorry for the outage we experienced last month, and hopefully the same won't happen again before we can make the move.

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