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More illustration layouts for the new book finished today. Mike is cranking out the finished drawings like wildfire. I'm resisting the urge to post new illustrations on here (you'll just have to wait for the book!) but there's just some really nice new stuff. I'm currently laying out the illustrations for the final chapter.

Ribeye re-united with his kid brother Cubesteak after a harrowing separation.

Since there's a lot of emphasis on illustrating our work, I've had people ask me: "Are the Ribeye adventures picture books"? The answer is no. These are full novels for kids and young adults (and the not-so-young type as well) just that we love to cram them full of illustrations. Though of course any novel uses the reader's imagination as the primary stage, I believe it's also rewarding for the reader to see what some of the crazy cast of characters, outrageous situations, and exotic locales actually look like.

Specifically, I love books that have a nice balance of story and illustration, where the illustration doesn't give the story away, rather keeps you wondering. I turn the page and see the illustration and think, "Wow! I wonder what that's all about? Let me keep reading and find out!"

When I was a kid, I loved books by author William Steig. He always managed to strike that perfect blend of illustrating his stories in a way that made me want to know more, without ever giving anything away. I recently dusted off and re-read his book 'Dominic' which was a childhood favorite.

Another book I've been inspired by recently is Tor Seidler's "A Rat's Tale", with illustrations by Fred Marcellino. The book is just beautifully done. The story is fantastic, and the stunning illustrations compliment the story perfectly.

Great works by others inspire me greatly, and make me aspire to get better and better at what I do. I can only hope to be half as capable as most of the great writers and illustrators out there. Right now, I'm going to get back to the writing grind, and keep striving for better!

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