Writing and Drawing Away

Whoosh, what a week it's been. I've been pedal to the metal in my writing chores, and I've gotten a huge amount of work completed. The final draft of "Ribeye the Bullbarian and the Sands of Fate" is in great shape. It can finally be told; the next Ribeye book after this I've already outlined. It will be called "Ribeye the Bullbarian Beyond the Great Wall of Chow Mein." More on that later.

Mike is back from Mexico. While he was there, between saving people's lives (it happened!) and relaxing with his family, he managed to do a lot of the drawings for the new Ribeye book. Today I finally got to see them, and let me tell you, this book is going to look fantastic! Mike's outdone himself! All the new characters that are introduced look great, and the new illustrations are top notch. A writer simply can't have it any better, than to have an artist as talented as Mike to work worth!

I'm also plugging away on the layout drawings for the new book. As with comics, I usually draw a rough layout first, and from that Mike does the finished drawing. That's a pattern that has always worked out well for us.

I'm exhausted from days of seemingly non-stop work, but I love it when my creative energies are as focused as they are lately. Leila will finally be back on Sunday, and it won't be soon enough! I've really missed her! Now to get the house cleaned up before she gets back! Nah, it's really not so bad, but I know she's convinced I've wrecked the place having been left up to my own devices for so long.

Well… now that I look around, my writing desk is indeed a jumbled clutter!

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