From Bunny Brothers to Jackalopes

I love how ideas often take on a life of their own. Often, you lose track of them before finding them again years later, whereupon they take on another form. Mike and I had an idea called the Bunny Brothers many years ago. It was to be a show about two brothers who were always cooking up odd schemes. The idea never really went anywhere, but we did actually use them in a comic book published by an independent press called Robot Publishing in 1996. It was for a comic book called (of all things!) "Hot Mexican Love". The comic was a collaboration, containing stories by a host of animation artists, most of them my colleagues at Klasky Csupo. Below is a portion of the comic, penciled by Mike, and inked and lettered by me:

The comic was obviously for adults, and an odd 'Mexico' theme. (Incidentally where Mike is now, in Cabo San Lucas! Though I doubt his vacation trip there with his family is anything like the blatant debauchery that the Bunny Brothers got up to on their trip south of the border!)

The Bunny Bros. was an idea that sat dormant for years, and except for that one rare and forgotten comic appearance, seemed destined to be one of our ideas that we'd never revisit.

However, when we were looking for a project to pitch to Warner Brothers recently, we revisited the Bunny Bros. By the time we finished re-developing the core of the idea that was never very developed, the rabbits had become Jackalopes, and there were three of them rather than two.

The bunnies evolved into the 'Iguana Boyz'. That idea we kicked around for a few years before they evolved into to Jackalopes. You can see the evolution in picture form in Mike's post Jacks Designs.

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