Vacay for me!

Well having had quite a hectic week I will finally settle down for some much needed vacation time. My family and I are flying down to Cabo San Lucas for 10 days which should be nice. I just read online that it only rains 5 days out of the year there. Imagine that! Being a man of bad timing that I am, of course I had to plan it just as principal animation starts on our pilot The Jackalope Boyz but sometimes you just have to go and leave it all behind. While there I do intend to spend a bit of time doing illustrations for the next Ribeye book, The Sands of Fate so when you see those drawings you'll know that they were done in good ol' Mexico.

I intend to take a few of the original Ribeye books Ribeye the Bullbarian and the Jewel of Baloni and just leave them in some cafes . Hopefully someone will pick one up and read it!
Little Trivia:

Did you know that when the Spaniards came over to Mexico that the country was originally called Mehico and the Spaniards for whatever reason changed it all "h" to "X" and that's why even todfay all Mexicans refer to their country as Mehico. True story…

I will try to post some stuff while I'm down there but if I can't you can be sure Harry will be updating regularly. Oh yeah and watch for a nice surpise coming on our website on the 4th of July! This is Milo saying over AND out!


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