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Well, my wife is off on a tour of her native country Estonia for the next few weeks. She's part of an Estonian theatre troupe, and they are doing a tour of Estonia and Latvia. She has a big performance at a festival in Riga, Latvia coming up.

Gee, it sure is quiet around here without her! I'm speculating that means I'll be able to buckle down and get a lot of writing done, but I've also got to be twice as vigilant in resisting the procrastination bug.

Technology never ceases to amaze me. It keeps us together, even when we're around the world from each other. We've been able to keep in touch via video-cam on the internet. It's a far cry better than the telephone as it offers picture and sound, and it's certainly cheaper. I was able to see and talk to her earlier this week while she was staying with her sister in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. I also got to see our little niece who is 4, and our newborn nephew! And of course my wife and I have been keeping in touch via plain old fashioned IM's and e-mails.

Also my wife has been doing a blog of her own. In fact, helping her set hers up is what inspired me to start one myself. She's been documenting her trip with blog entries whenever she can get online. Now if she could just find a way to upload some images!

This coming week, with no distractions pending, I'm going into virtual seclusion so I can hammer out the final writing chores on the second Ribeye book. Procrastination shall not triumph!

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