Jackalopes Animatic

Now that the recording for the Jackalopes film is done, our next step will be to make what is called an Animatic. In the 30's and 40's it was referred to as a Leica reel. By either name, it's basically the storyboard scanned into the computer and edited together with all of the dialog to form a sort of slide show; complete with sound. This step is where we really start to see the film come together and it helps us find out if it's on time or too long. It also helps us read which jokes work and which ones don't. During the recording we had the actors ad-lib in places and in some cases recorded multiple lines for jokes so we could see which ones were the funniest.
An animatic is an extremely useful tool when used correctly.

It's also a great tool for people who can't really "read" a storboard well and need to see it move in front of them. A lot of executives like to use animatics so they can really see the flow of a film without having to work to hard.

Harry would know best about that after a six years stint as an Assistant Director over at Klasky Csupo who made such hits as Rugrats, As told by Ginger,The Wild Thornberries and a host of other faves for Nickelodeon before Paramount pulled the rug out from under them.

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