Jackalope Boyz Recorded

The recording session for the Jackalope Boyz went fantastic. We arrived at Salami Studios in North Hollywood at 9am Tuessday morning, (June 22nd), joined by the WB Cartoon Monsoon development staff, as well as the record crew, and of course the incredible voice talent.

First to record were veteran voice actors Carlos Alazraqui and Joe Alaskey.

Just check out the long and varied credits of either of these two (by clicking their links above) to see the amazingly high caliber of talent we were fortunate enough to work with! Virtually everyone has to have heard some of the characters these guys have voiced over the years, and chances are great there are a few of your favorites on the list.

Mike Milo watches the record from the control room at Salami Studios.

It was a treat to hear these guys provide the voices for our main characters and supporting cast. We went through the storyboard and witnessed the actors in the booth give life to our animated vision. Both Joe and Carlos had us cracking up as they acted out their assigned character's lines. They both acted several characters. Carlos did an amazing Manuel (The Jackalope Boy wearing the hat- see the model sheets in the previous posts) and Joe turned in a slide-splitting performance as their overbearing boss, along with other roles.

That's me, Harry McLaughlin. No, I'm not asleep, just keeping a tab on the record script as the session progresses.

Around 11am another veteran voice talent arrived: Candi Milo. (No relation to Mike, just co-inky-dink!) Her career and list of credits is as long and varied as the others'.

Candi did several of the female voices, as well as the male child voices of 'baby prodigy' Arriba (the middle Jackalope), and Jaime (the tall Jackalope).

Mike smiles, not for the camera, but because Joe Alaskey was cracking him up.

It was a blast seeing all these talented folks do their thing, and a total trip realizing that they were bringing to life the characters that Mike and I created! It's really amazing to watch someone act out the lines that you have written, and bring life to characters you've dreamed up. All around, a truly awesome experience as it always is!

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