It’s Comic Con Time Again

The halls and offices of Fox Television Animation were pretty empty today, as many of the talented peeps around here have migrated south for the annual San Diego Comic Con.

FTA has a pretty big presence at the show this year. A panel with the creators of Family Guy and American Dad will be on hand to show some sneak peaks at the upcoming seasons of both shows, and will answer questions from fans. If you're heading down to the big con this weekend, be sure to checkidy-check it out and say hello to the Family Guy folks.

The crew from "Hot Mexican Love" comics will be on hand at the convention too, so keep an eye peeled. (What's with that phrase anyway? Wouldn't a peeled eye actually hinder your ability to notice a specific detail, not enhance it?)

This year it's not just about the traditional comic book universe. Hollywood has taken notice of the comic world in a big way, and will have its own massive presence. Samuel L. Jackson, Hillary Swank and others will be on hand. "San Diego Comic Con- it's not just for geeks anymore". There goes the neighborhood. Next thing you know, members of the fair sex will actually be on hand in numbers higher than can be counted on one's hand.

I won't be heading down, even though I always love a good excuse to go to beautiful San Diego. I actually haven't been to the comic con since 1993 when Mike and I went with Gracie Films to promote the Bongo Comics Simpsons comic books. At the time we were involved with writing and drawing the Itchy and Scratchy comic book series.

To anyone who is heading down to the comic con: say, can you get me Samuel L. Jackson's autograph on my copy of Unbreakable? Thanks in advance.

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