From the APE Con

HMLC Editor Ira Sherak has this report from the Alternative Publishers Expo in San Francisco this past weekend:

“We have returned from APE in San Francisco and are excited to tell you that the book KICKED ASS!

Friday afternoon, Albert C. (Founder and co-publisher of HMLC 2006), Janice (Lady of Tolerance/my girlfriend) and myself, did the long drive up to San Fran. Saturday morning we met up with Rob G.(owner of Robot Publishing & co-publisher of HMLC 2006) and Cathy Malkasian (Robot contributor, illustrator and friend). Saturday afternoon the fun began.

We were told by various people “not to expect to sell too many issues. 15, maybe 20 per day” We wanted to prove those people wrong. From the title of the book, to the AMAZING eye-catching painted cover by Paul Wee, to the talent of the contributors and the energy of our booth. Throw in the free gumballs we provided and the sex-appeal our crew emitted (especially Albert, although Cathy mentioned my plunging collar/revealing my chest hair was caliente). We lured in the attendees and exceeded our own expectations. We showed up with 100 copies. We sold 77! (That’s a damn fine number).

The crew had a lot of fun and met some great and interesting people (ask Albert about the cross-dresser). Special Thanks must be given to Rob, for reserving the table. Louie Del Carmen for sharing his experience and calming me down at points prior to the show (he did a brand new book, his own, for the first time this year, too.) And Rafael Navarro, one of our own contributors, who truly shared the love by promoting the hell out of us from his own booth. (Quite a number of buyers showed up saying “Rafael sent me”)”

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