eBay is Truly Amazing!

Imagine my dismay when the power cable for my favorite laptop became frayed to the point it would no longer charge my laptop, thereby making my #1 piece of writing equipment worthless.

The notebook is a few years old- basically for writing one doesn’t need a top of the line brand new notebook- one that’s a few years old works great- in some cases better. No overkill 3ghz+ processor means quiet and cool operation- no one needs all that power for writing. So my ‘older’ 700mhz laptop was doing just fine- until this.

But the problem with an older laptop is that power accessories for it aren’t readily available at computer stores. Even so, a new power adaptor for this laptop was running in the $70-$80 dollar range at online sellers. So much jack just to get my equipment back? No fun.

Enter eBay. What an incredible invention!

A quick search of eBay turned up tons of accessory parts for my exact model of laptop. And the price for the power cable I need? $14 out the door! A lot better than shelling out $60 to $80!

For those who’ve been living in a cyber-cave, eBay is an auction site where you bid on most items and try to really low-ball a price- but this is time consuming and there’s no guarantee you’ll get what you want as you can be outbid. But keep in mind many items have a “Buy It Now” price you can pay to secure an item instantly- and many times these prices are very reasonable.

I ordered my new power cable on Sunday evening, and just received it today, Tuesday evening! The seller shipped it out yesterday! Now that’s fast service!

Sorry if this reads like an advertisement, but I had to sing eBay’s praises, that’s how happy I am to have my laptop working again! Now I can get back to my current project, outlining a brand new book for the coming year, 2006!

In the future if you find you need some little hard to find do-dad that’s the key to getting back up and running, check for it on eBay first thing. Chances are, you can probably find someone selling what you need, and get it far cheaper than from local stores or online retailers.

For me, eBay saved the day!

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