Zoundry to the Rescue

Last month I posted a rant about Blogger’s terrible, horrible, wretched image controls. Through the magic of the internet, Priyantha from Zoundry found my post and answered (Thanks!) to inform me of a newer version of the application Zoundry Blog Writer. This is a common-sense WYSIWYG blog-editor that works much like a word processor.

The world of PC applications is sometimes baffling to me; there’s often no shortage of applications that all do the same mundane thing (I could replace NotePad about 10,000 times a week) but on the flip side, there’s often very common tasks for which virtually no one seems to have taken up the challenge of making a capable application.

dryerfort.JPGMillions of people write blogs these days. That’s just an obvious fact. Yet there are so few desktop applications for blogging. To me, a dedicated desktop blog application is as logical a tool as a desktop word processor. Having to rely on Blogger’s online controls, or convert to a whole new system that still may not provide the features I want (like LOGICAL image placement) seems a bit silly to me, as compared to an infinitely more practical switch to a better blog writing tool.

By my estimation, Zoundry is blazing the trail. I have to really thank Priyantha for taking the time to post here and notify me of a newer version with features I’ve been wanting. Even in its present beta stage, Zoundry seems to be improving with each new release closer to ‘master’.

I’ll be using Zoundry to post here and to other blogs. If you’re a blogger yourself, head over to their website, download the Zoundry application and give it a spin. It supports a host of blog-types such as WordPress, Blog Harbor, Nucleus, etc.

Nice touches: I love that links are created automatically from the clipboard! Very nice drag and drop image controls, nice option to upload thumbnails only, and nice option not to resize. Leaves Blogger’s online application sorely lacking.

My *minor* gripes: Would it be possible to have an option not to rename the image files? Could the sidebar post listings remain sorted by date, newest first? New posts drift to the bottom.

Things that will really make it shine: A basic HTML editor. Option to justify text.

Overall, Bravo! Obviously much time and effort has gone into the application. Many thanks to the folks at Zoundry for creating such a great tool that makes life that much easier!

This post was created with Zoundry Blog Writer 0.9.126.
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