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Zaptoons was offline yesterday due to a small misunderstanding with the hosting company that serves this site. Basically, they can’t seem to get my billing information correct and they zap me offline once a year after sending my bills to the wrong email. I’ve updated this information three times already, but somehow their servers can’t seem to make the adjustment and everything switches back to outdated information. After 24 hours of server downtime, the matter gets resolved after I’ve pulled my hair out and dealt with increasingly surly tech support. No doubt this would happen again next year like clockwork- if I were game for it. I’m not.

I won’t name names, as I’ve no intention of publicly trash-talking the hosting company by name, but many of you may have received an error message from them if you tried to access the site yesterday.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be porting Zaptoons (and several other sites I run) over to a new hosting company that boasts much better support service, has greater features, boasts faster hardware, and is cheaper to boot.

This change isn’t just due to recent inconveniences with the current hosting company, but the fact that we’ve actually outgrown the server that runs this site. We need more web space, and more bandwidth to handle ever increasing traffic, and it was inevitable that we’d have to find a bigger server sooner or later. So I’ll be making the change sooner, rather than later.

There may be a small gap – a day or so- where Zaptoons is unavailable while the new DNS servers propagate- but it shouldn’t be too long.

I’ve learned my lesson- as with most things, it always pays to shop around!

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