More Pics from the Past!

I haven’t had a chance to post in a while- as always busy, busy, busy! Speaking of old photos, here’s a few more!

This was snapped when Mike and I shared an office at Hanna-Barbara back in the mid 1990’s. Here Mike pitches our latest cartoon -if I recall right a project called “Wild and Wolly”- to Family Guy creator, Seth McFarlane.

Me at my animation desk at Hanna-Barbara studios working with Mike on our film “Ignoramooses” (1995). Tech note: I had an Apple Macintosh 8500/120, hooked up to a T1 line, with an external magneto-optical drive complimenting my animation table setup… whoo hoo! At the time, a screaming fast computer. Today? Barely worthy of service as a doorstop.

Mike and I have always been into recording music, even if we weren’t very good at it. We recorded our first tune together in 1987- and used the recording in the soundtrack of our very first animated effort, a short film called “The Hole Thing” (1987).

This photo was taken at Mike’s house in Reseda, California sometime in 1994- we were recording the theme song for a project called ‘T-Bone the Bullbarian’, later to become Ribeye. I’m sure Mike’s girlfriend (now wife) really appreciated us using her pots and pans as a drum set!

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