A few old pics from the past!

A Blast from the Past!

Check out Harry! Man, is he young! This was taken at Sierra Online in Oakhurst, Ca.
“The Gateway to Yosemite”. Harry is filming an animation scene.

Harry as a suave and debonair young man. That is one LOUD shirt tho’ dude! I believe this was taken at art school in Dover, N.J.

Here’s me with some standies of The Ignoramooses at Hanna-Barbera circa 1995. This guy named Richard would cut them out of foam-core by ahnd with an exacto blade and give them depth by separating the front arms from the further away arm and layering levels of foam core to give it a “3D” quality. Very cool! I still have these, although the antlers have fallen off.

Here’s a home-made Milo-McLaughlin standie of Planetary Pig aqnd Cosmo the cat. We made this for a pitch to Nickelodeon somewhere around 1994 or so. We were so gung-ho back then. For this one pitch we actually made t-shirts and hats for the pitch and wore them like the young fools that we were to the meeting! We never sold Planetary Pig but you can see some animation from those days here.

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