Busy as a bee!

I don’t know really why people say that phrase “busy as a bee” but I guess it’s the erratic way a bee moves about. Harry and I are in that sort of flight pattern right now. Busy, busy, busy!

It’s been unusually chilly here in L.A. since Harry’s last post and right now it’s cold and grey. Very odd for this time of year here.

Harry has resumed his job at Fox and I am busy animating the PBS series Jay-Jay the Jetplane for 3DBob Productions and Porchlight Entertainment.
When I say I am animating, I mean I am the only one who’s on the project. It’s kinda nice and I am learning a lot about 3D which is the medium Jay Jay is animated in.
In toher news we may get the cahnce to revive an old Zaptoons character which would be great. Can’t really talk about it yet in detail as we don’t want to jinx it but it could mean some serious exposure for Harry and I.
Lastly Harry is writing away and should be done with his latest book Badhat soon!
I’ve read it and I can tell you it’s great!

That’s about it for now!

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