Arrrgh! Blogger’s new image controls

[begin off topic rant] Have to vent. I don’t know what prompted the change, but Blogger’s new image controls are terrible. Makes posting much more of a hassle. Where to start?

First of all this blog will probably always be pretty image heavy, as we love to post a lot of animation pictures and book-related illustrations. So image control is important on the blog.

For some inexplicable reason, the good folks at Google (who now own Blogger) have seen fit to all but ruin the image posting controls from the online Blogger posting application. Now every image uploads by default as a linked image- either to a (badly) generated thumbnail, or even sillier- to a copy of itself! This results in my image server filling up quickly with rediculous duplicate files.

Those of us who want neither thumbnails of our images displayed, our files renamed with long, useless strings of numbers, or duplicate inline copies of the same image files strewn all over our servers, are forced to prune out the added link code and delete extra space-wasting image files via FTP. All in all, it makes posting images a huge hassle, whereas this used to be a lot easier. My wife was reduced to hair pulling frustration the other day with one of her Blogs- she loves to do her own very precise image and text layout- the new controls have made that a nightmare.

Even linking to pre-uploaded images produces the same hassles.

Some controls, such as align functions that one used to have to hand-code are welcome, but no choice when it comes to linked images, files being renamed, duplicate uploads, etc. is wretched.

An adequate solution would be as simple as leaving the links out of the choice ‘full size’ on image uploads, and just uploading the full, unaltered file as before. But anyway, not really sure why I’m babbling about all this here- just frustrated. [end off topic rant]

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