Whoops! I blew up the website!

Oops! I spilled coffee all over Zaptoons.com!

Aww man! Aliens have attacked Milowerx.com- looks like the movie “Independence Day”! (Sorry Mike!)

Want to wreck your favorite (or not so favorite) websites? Go to Netdisaster.com and enter the link for the website you want to wreak havoc upon. You can choose from a great assortment of site-destroying goodies -everything from meteors to dog poop, to chainsaws and paintballs. Perhaps set a toddler armed with a magic marker loose against some unsuspecting website? Or maybe you prefer the not-so-subtle… lasers, torches and nuclear bombs?

Not all the possible fates are disastrous. The Zaptoons Journal can even be touched by the Almighty!
Not to worry: no websites were actually harmed in the making of this post!

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