Back From Mexico

We got back from beautiful San Felipe, Mexico last week, after a week of fun in the sun. My wife and I had a great time south of the border.

Aside from sipping pina coladas on the beach, I did manage to do a little bit of writing as well. I added some needed elements to my latest book, Badhat, as well as fleshed out a new short story.

The water here was as warm as a hot tub!

Eventually, I want to release a book of short stories. There are so many tales I have that aren’t really suited for full novels, but are perfect short stories. Mike has also been writing a lot lately as well.

As always, it’s great to be back in the states, but the wife and I enjoyed sunning ourselves on the beach in Mexico greatly.

San Felipe is quiet this time of year, which suited us just fine. At one point, we went sailboating around the bay. Since it was 110 degrees in the shade, we spent a lot of time in the pool, or in the ocean. The Sea of Cortez was as warm as a hot tub too!

This time of year, the tide goes out in the late afternoon, leaving a variety of aquatic life wading in tidal pools. In this region, the tidal changes are very drastic. When the tide was out, the sea retreats a great distance from the beach, making you question that it really could have been so far up on the beach.

We both can’t wait to go back to San Felipe in the near future. Anyone looking to escape the cities of Southern Cali and feel that you’ve really gone somewhere far, far away that normally you’d have to fly to- that’s in reality only a few hours drive, I highly recommend San Felipe.

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