Another Week Slips Past

Time really flies! I can’t believe another week is now history. I hardly noticed it as it was happening. That’s how busy life has been lately.

Perhaps things will slow down a bit this month. I’m finally on a much-needed hiatus from my job at Fox Television Animation where I work as an Editor on the show American Dad. The first season is in the can. Our second season begins for me in mid-August, but until then, I can kick back.

This past week I helped Mike Milo rebuild a computer system. During the move of his studio Milowerx, he somehow managed to 86 one of his computer systems, and had to replace it. Unfortunately, it was the machine where he stored much of his current 3D work.

So we went to Frys Electronics, picked up a new motherboard and processor, took the parts out of his old computer, and rebuilt a brand new one with the new components.

Of course it didn’t go off without major hitches. First- we assembled everything, and switched the machine on. Nothing happened. Mike said the same had happened to him before. I figured it couldn’t be the new components, so it had to be the one piece of equipment with the ability to tank two different CPUs- the graphic card. We pilfered another card out of another system, and the system worked. Well, sort-of.

It took a bit of jumping through hoops to get an operating system installed, as Mike couldn’t find his Windows XP disks.

Long story short, it was a fun experience. I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with computer equipment. If I wasn’t in the animation business, I’d definitely work as some sort of computer troubleshooter.

During my hiatus, I have a number of projects to keep me busy, both professional, and personal. This weekend, my wife and I worked on some home improvement projects, and a few of our own creative endeavors.

I’m posting this, and I’m off to bed! I love that I can wake up in the morning, glance over at the whining alarm clock, and have a laugh as I smack it off, and go snuggle back to sleep!

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