Mike Milo writes about Digital Storyboarding

These days, it seems the entire animation industry is going through a revolution of sorts. The idea of using computers to create all-digital storyboards has been around for a long time- every year since I first started in the industry in 1990 I can recall people claiming that a paperless animation studio was just on the verge of happening.

In the traditional "office space" world, the paperless office has been promised-land since the 1960's.

Finally, here we are in 2008 with amazing tools available for animators and digital artists, like Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro.

Maybe the digital, paperless animation studio is just around the corner. But then again, the big question remains: where will we stick all of our post-it note drawings? On our monitors and Cintiq tablets?

Check out Mike Milo's article about SketchBook Pro on the Autodesk website.

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