New Milowerx site design

Lately I’ve been busy helping Mike Milo revamp his Milowerx site. Since Milowerx Animation Studios is the sister site to Zaptoons, we wanted the two to have a similar look to one another. Web design is something I’ve come to enjoy greatly, and I’m still struggling to learn it. Now if only Dreamweaver would play nice now and then, life would be great.
Meanwhile, I’ve also done some tweaking of the Zaptoons website. Every time I mess with building on other sites, I figure out things I want to do to change this site. Though most of the changes are only minor cosmetics for now, in the coming days I’ll be adding some new features, so stay tuned.

I have one more week of work at Fox TV Animation before I get a two month hiatus. Needless to say I’m looking forward to that! What will I do with two whole months off? Well, much of the time may already be filled with a new project Mike and I are about to take on. I can’t mention the details yet, until we’ve finalized things, but this project looks like it will be a lot of fun.

My wife Leila and I have a trip planned this month to San Felipe, in Baja California, Mexico. We’re going in the middle of the week, when we hope the beaches will be empty, and we can’t wait to go. This site gives a brief description of the attractions of this tranquil place south of the border:
“If you haven’t been to the eastern shore of northern Baja, you’re missing something special. Between the San Pedro Martir mountains and the tranquil blue Sea of Cortez is the fishing village of San Felipe (sahn feh-LEE-peh). It’s a place of natural beauty just 120 miles south of the border at Mexicali/Calexico. It has sunny skies, gentle evening breezes, and bathtub-warm ocean waters that can reach 86-87 degrees in August.”

Works for me! Consulting my crystal ball, I predict several relaxing days on the beach, sipping margaritas and unwinding.

Meanwhile, Leila is off to San Francisco this weekend to visit some of her friends there, while I hold down the fort in Los Angeles, and do some layout work on a new comic book project Mike and I are writing even as you read this.

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